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6 Dorks - B.A.P's Interesting English
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HC: And I think I’m getting old.

something about bbq.

DH: Texas is famous for deer—deer? Barbeque.

YJ: We have entire—tried here, but we will soon.

JU: We should. Yeah. /giggles like a high school girl/

Zelo: Excuse me but we only have four song left.

DH: Shit.

and then some other things they said but idek that shit was funny.


SWC3: Kiss Yo, The Moment where MinKey ship sails… Key’s reaction tho. Hehe.

Cutest Jinki at fansigns event.

GET TO KNOW ME MEME: 5 favorite OTPs



i don’t think i can ever win against EXO in shipping our otps

He wants you to laugh with him, TOP.

He wants you to laugh with him, TOP.